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selling clothes

Sick of all the LiveJournal communities that purport to sell genuinely awesome clothing, and then spew out a mess of H&M crap, Aeropostale sweatpants, and old Nike trainers? Dreading the idea of resorting to FeeBay, but fearing that no one will buy your Mulberry gloves because your post will get lost in the crap of such communities? mirrorhitswall is the answer to all your woes!

This community was designed for members interested in buying and selling brands that are renowned for quality and ingenuity, or, alternately, clothing that is just plain cool-looking. If you're looking for a quick way to offload some t-shirts you wore in middle school, this is not the place to go. At mirrorhitswall, we want the buyer to be just as pleased as the seller. You don't have to own a closet full of Chloé, but we don't want to see the rejects from your closet, either.

In summary: We want your $150 Mike & Chris tunic dress, your Brian Reyés top, your Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, your Dolce Vita boots--NOT your F21 sequin shirt, your Abercrombie & Fitch logo t-shirts, the scarf you found on clearance at Marshalls.

-You must include picture(s) of each of the items you intend to sell.
-If there is more than one picture, you must use a lj-cut. The picture that is not behind the cut must be a maximum of 400 x 400 pixels.
-Link to how to do a lj-cut.
-You may not post an item more than once every seven days.
-This community is for the sale of clothes. That includes accessories: jewelry, shoes, bags, and the like.
-It would be useful if you tagged your item with the designer name and/or the type of item (tank top, coat, jeans)

Examples of things to sell:
-Clothes by any of the designers listed in the community's interests; any designer, really, that has some independent creative genius, regardless of price
-Interesting thrifted or vintage pieces
-Finds from Anthropologie or some similar chain
-The odd F21 piece that's actually worth its salt (WILL RARELY BE ACCEPTED)

Examples of things NOT to sell:
-Fakes or replicas of any size, shape, or variety
-Juicy Couture tracksuits
-Coach or Dooney & Burke handbags, or anything else with a godawful monogram
-Brands like American Eagle, Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, Old Navy (seriously people.)

To make this community more selective, posts will be strictly moderated. You are free to re-post with other items/a revised selection as many times as you like. I won't ban you unless you're being an ass. I do reserve the right to make a taste judgment on your post.

The maintainer disclaims liability for any transactions gone awry, any packages lost in the mail, and any angry catfights resulting from disagreements over whether Marc Jacobs deserves his own reality TV show. By joining this community, you agree to conduct business civilly and to buy and sell in good faith. I.e., if you don't intend to sell, don't express an intent to sell, and if you don't intend to buy, don't say you intend to buy. No real legal restrictions apply, officially. I am just a sometime supervisor. Have fun and I hope you like what you see here!

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